Price wins Stages 1 & 3 at Dakar '21! 👐

STAGE 1: 1st 🏁

1st Overall

Held entirely on rough sandy tracks, Stage 1 immediately challenged competitors with difficult navigation. The rocky nature of the course also made bike preservation a priority, especially with the new-for-2021 tire rules that allow the top riders a maximum of only six rear tires over the course of the event.

The opening day of the 2021 Dakar Rally presented riders with a 623km stage, including 277km of timed special and after finishing 9th in the qualifying Prologue, Toby used the first 75km of Stage 1 to slowly build his confidence and speed. Placing 2nd at 92km, the two-time Dakar champ then moved into the lead, maintaining a strong pace to the finish. 

STAGE 2: 22nd 🏁

16th Overall

Toby Price had the unenviable task of opening the Stage 2 special route made up of a combination of tricky-to-ride dunes followed by navigation-intense tracks and valleys.

Putting in a mature ride, despite the difficulties he faced, Toby was able to reach the end of the special safely and without any major issues.

Although ultimately losing time on the new rally leaders, Toby is confident in his riding and knows that the result could well swing back in his favour during the next stage.

STAGE 3: 1st 🏁

4th Overall

Toby was locked in battle with Honda's Kevin Benavides again throughout Tuesday's 403km loop around Wadi Ad-Dawasir.

The day's running followed the pattern seen in both of the opening two stages, as riders opening the road lost chunks of time early on, while those lower down the running order like Toby had a much easier day.

Toby grabbed his second stage win in two days and the 13th of his Dakar career.

"Stage 3 win! It’s like a yo-yo effect at the moment, it’s quite frustrating to be at the front then right at the back, the navigation side of things makes it difficult to lead a stage out and I have to do it again tomorrow but hopefully I might catch a break and it isn’t too hard! Still a long way to go but to have no crashes and have the bike in one piece at the finish today is great!"