Price‚Äôs 2024 campaign began with another successful run at the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, where he earned a convincing fifth-place finish after a gruelling 12 stages in the desert. With his ‚Äėbikes‚Äô career shortly thereafter drawing to a close after an incredible run at the very top of the sport, Price now shifts his attention to four wheels, piloting the #46 Trophy Truck in the SCORE International race series in Mexico.


Price started 2023 strong at the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, producing an incredible performance over the course of the two-week race, securing a prologue win, 10 top-five stage results and his runner-up finish secured him his 6th Dakar Trophy. Price missed out on the top step by just 43 seconds after 44 hours of racing at the world’s toughest rally-raid, the closest finish at the Dakar in decades. 


Following a tough start to the 2022 Dakar Rally when a navigation issue on Stage 1 cost him a considerable amount of time, Price delivered day after day of solid results to fight his way back into the Top 10. Placing as second quickest on the final day of racing, together with his stage win on day 10, showed that the two-time Dakar Champion has lost none of his speed or motivation. Toby made it back to the land down under in time to race the 2022 Finke Desert Race. Price secured First Place in Prologue and carried that result over to the end of the race getting there and back first, marking his 2nd win at Finke in the Trophy Truck and beating his record breaking time from 2021 with a 03:21:46. Toby joined Paul Weel’s Team Australia driving at Vegas to Reno (DNF), the Baja 400 (5th) and Baja 1000.


Toby returned to Austria with KTM for training prior to the 2021 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia and the Aussie had a great start to the Rally, taking out Stages 1 & 3 and leading half-way through the Rally at the conclusion of Stage 7. The Australian Bush Mechanic put his skills on display, after not being able to change or swap a damaged tyre due to the marathon stage rules. Against the odds, Price carried out a makeshift repair with duct tape and zip ties before taking on the 709km Stage 8 where he finished 2nd. Disaster struck on Stage 9 where Toby suffered a fall around the 155km mark, breaking his collarbone, shoulder and hand. Toby returned to Australia for surgery and while recovering threw in an entry for a certain four-wheeled event in Alice Springs in June. Just in the nick of time for Australia's largest off-road Race, Toby bought his world-first Mitsubishi Triton body & brand new TSCO Built Trophy Truck down under and revealed his creation at a local event with his partners that was live streamed around the world. Proving exactly why he is the King of the Desert, Toby wrote himself into the history books, by becoming the first person to win both the bike and car category at the Finke Desert Race in a record-breaking time of 03:22:31.7. 


The Dakar Rally moved from South America to Saudi Arabia in 2020, but that didn't stop Price who was on his way to the finish line with two stage wins. The second half of the Rally was overshadowed by the untimely death of fellow rider Paulo Goncalves, with Price first on the scene. As a mark of respect, Stage 8 was cancelled by event organisers. Price finished 3rd in the Dakar Rally and dedicated his podium to Goncalves. The remainder of the FIM World Rally Championship was postponed due to the COVID-19 Crisis and Price returned to Australia in his downtime. The 2020 Finke Desert Race was cancelled and Price's new TSCO Trophy Truck would remain in the US until another event arose...


Riding with a broken wrist from an accident late in 2018, Price somehow managed to win the 2019 Dakar Rally in a courageous show of strength and determination. Price was awarded the inaugural Ronald J Walker Award for Excellence by the Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame in March and also had a lap of honour at the Australian Grand Prix before the F1 Race. Price was devastated by a DNF in the Car Category of the Finke Desert Race while leading the field to the finish line.


Price was at the hand of injury for the majority of 2017. By the end of the year, he had surgery on his leg to clear any issues, leaving him ready to take on the Dakar Rally once again. Astoundingly, Price only got back on his bike 6 weeks prior to Dakar and managed to finish 3rd at the event; an unbelievable achievement for the Australian. Price claimed his 6th Bike Win at the Finke Desert Race, but had an unfortunate DNF in the Car category.


Price started his 2017 season with the Dakar Rally once again. Unfortunately, he crashed out of the race while leading in Stage 4, after winning Stage 2. Toby was rushed to a Bolivian hospital where he underwent surgery for a broken femur, which was followed by a series of seizures due to a blood clot in his lung. Toby returned to Australia after a week and went through an extremely difficult recovery process. Eight weeks later, Toby was back in the driver’s seat of a Stadium Super Truck at the Clipsal 500, where he finished 4th & 2nd in the races.


Starting off the year on a high, Price dominated the Dakar Rally, winning Stages 2,5,6,8 and 9, with an overall margin of 40 minutes. This wrote Price into the history books as the first Australian to ever win any class of the Dakar Rally, as well as the only person to ever win on the second attempt and the first non-European to win the Bikes category. Toby followed Dakar up by becoming the first Australian ever to win the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. Price returned to Australia for the Finke Desert Race, competing in both the Car and Bike categories. After the Car leg, Price would travel back to the start line via aircraft, before starting the Bike leg. He came second in the Cars, and then won the Bikes for a record-equalling fifth time. At the end of the year Toby returned to Europe, winning the OiLibya Rally in Morocco, and taking 3rd place overall in the 2016 World Championship.


2015 was Price’s debut attempt at the Dakar Rally, where he achieved a win in Stage 12 and finished 3rd overall. Price was brought in as guest driver for the Stadium Super Trucks at the Clipsal 500, competing in two of three races and finishing 6th & 8th. A couple of days later Toby was due to race at Finke, however, the result of a large stick penetrated his boot while practising, broke his right ankle and foot. Price continued on qualifying first in the prologue, won both days of the race, and claimed his 4th Finke title. Additionally, Toby won his 5th Hattah title and was signed to ride with the Factory KTM Red Bull Rally team in the World Rally Championship and Dakar Rally. He broke more records that year, claiming his 5th Australian Off-Road Championship, wrapping up the title with two rounds still remaining.


Price became the only rider to win the Australian Off-Road Championship four times, all after missing one round and riding injured in two more. Price also won Finke & Hattah again. He won all three rounds of the Western Australian Desert Tri-Series, the Kumarina 500 in June, Doorawarrah 500 in July and Indee 500 in August. 2014 was the first time Toby had attempted International Cross-country Rally. He entered in the Morocco Rally, where he finished 8th. He also won the E3 class at the International Six Days Enduro in Argentina; coming second overall by 45 seconds. At the end of the year, Toby returned to California where he was injured the day before the Red Bull Day In The Dirt, and claimed first place.


Riding for KTM, Price won rounds 2, 3 and 4 of the Australian Off-Road Championship, leading the E3 class and Outright. While riding in the Californian AMA Hare and Hound National Championship, Toby was involved in a crash where he broke three bones in his neck and his thumb. Toby had a major operation to repair his neck, but was unable to ride until September. Following intensive rehab, he returned to America and joined the KTM America team (not riding) in the Baja 1000. Toby’s first major race on return from injury was the December Red Bull Day In The Dirt in California, where he came second.


In 2012 Price took out the Pro Class Melbourne Enduro-X and won the Finke and Hattah Desert Race again. He also won the Australian Off-Road Championship, winning 8 out of 10 rounds in the E3 class, and finishing 2nd in the other two. Again, Toby was selected for the Australian team to compete in the International Six Days Enduro competition, occurring in Germany, where he lead the Australian team to 2nd place in the world. After the first couple of days, Price was leading the E3 class and was 5th overall, despite a bent front wheel from day one. Near the halfway mark of the event, Toby suffered broken ribs in an incident but continued to finish 2nd in the E3 class and 10th overall. Two weeks after returning Toby won the E3 class in the Australian 4 Day Enduro Races, coming second overall, still riding with broken ribs.


Despite a fuel mishap in Round 1 of the 2011 Australian Off Road Championship, and a mechanical failure in the Finke Desert Race, Price once again won most of the major off-road races in Australia. Toby won Rounds 2, 3 and 4 of the Australian Off Road Championship, Hattah and the Australian 4 Day Enduro Races. Toby was injured in the middle of the season which put him out of the chase for the Australian Off Road Championship title, but was still able to finish 9th. That same year, Toby was also selected for the Australian team to compete in the 2011 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) competition in Finland. Toby finished 4th in the E2 class and 8th overall, making him the highest finishing Australian.

2004 - 2010

In 2010 Toby joined the KTM Team where he won the majority of the Australian Off-Road titles. Toby won the Finke and Hattah Desert Race on his first attempt, and also won the Australian Off Road Championship & Australian 4 Day Enduro Races. Riding for Kawasaki, Toby won the Australian Off-Road Championship in his first year of competition. He was awarded the Australian Dirt Bike magazine Rookie of the Year title. Toby was also chosen to ride for Australia in Portugal for the 2009 Enduro where he was the fastest rider under-23 years and 14th in the world. Toby won 2 Australian junior titles in 2003, and was signed by Kawasaki Australia and moved from Hillston to Singleton. At the ripe age of 16, Price began his professional career in 2004.