Price Devastated by DNF at Finke... 😫

Toby Price has failed to finish the Finke Desert Race despite leading the car category on Day 2 of the 2019 Finke Desert Race.  

Price was the first to leave Finke in his #487 Red Bull Trophy Truck on Monday morning for the return leg back to Alice Springs.

Price and navigator Jason Duncan were 8 minutes in front of the rest of the Car Category but were forced to stop just before the Bundooma checkpoint and they lost their lead.

The issue with the truck was diagnosed, with the rear gears failing and as a result, Price lost all drive to the wheels.

Price was forced to retire and called in his support crew to pick up the #487 Trophy Truck and the Race was finished for the two-time Dakar Rally Champion.

"At the end of the day there were some positives we can take from this week, we had good fun until it came to a screaming halt and the only negative was that we did not finish. We showed we had the speed and can drive, but some small issues went wrong and we broke the third member, basically the rear gears and diff housing, we sheared them all off by the sounds of it. I'm annoyed, we still had a 7-minute lead but the main thing is the crew is safe and we'll be back next year! Thanks to the crew and sponsors, without them it wouldn't be possible it's just a bummer we're not delivering what we can." - Toby Price