Price Crashes out of Dakar 😰

STAGE 7: 7th 🏁

2nd Overall

Heading north from the rest day bivouac at Ha’il, stage seven of the 2021 Dakar Rally led riders to Sakaka. Toby endured a mixed first leg of the marathon stage, leading till well over the halfway point when unfortunately a rock sliced open his rear tire, forcing him to ease his pace to the finish. Competitors are forbidden from receiving any outside mechanical assistance on their machines and must carry out maintenance and any needed repairs themselves. Despite the gash in his tyre, Toby was able to push on to the finish for 7th fastest and was 2nd overall, only 1 second behind the leader. 

STAGE 8: 2nd 🏁

2nd Overall

Not able to change or swap the damaged item due to the marathon stage rules, Price carried out a makeshift repair to his back tyre with duct tape and zip ties before taking on the 709km Stage 8. Riding cautiously, Toby successfully completed the stage in an incredible second place. 


Retired from the Race

Unfortunately in Stage 9 of Dakar 2021 Toby suffered a fall around the 155km mark and required medical attention. Team mate Sam Sunderland and Ricky Brabec stopped to assist Toby for around 15-minutes before the Doctors arrived and he was airlifted to the hospital in Tabuk. Confirmed to have suffered a broken collarbone and extensive bruising, sadly Toby can take no further part in this year’s event.