Price, Weel and Roeseler Battle to Baja 1000 Top Ten 🇲🇽

The trio of racers Toby Price, Paul Weel and Larry Roeseler finished seventh in class in the BF Goodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000.

Backed by Quad Lock and Baja Vida, the 2023 Baja 1000 made for an unforgettable event with Price recording his first Trophy Truck finish in the SCORE series in over a year.

The trio had a rocky start to the run from La Paz to Ensenada, a jack issue costing them an hour while trying to change an early flat during Weel’s stint.

They then battled through the remainder of the near-1300 mile run, Roeseler taking over at the 300-mile mark before three-time Dakar winner Price went from 790 miles to the finish.

“My section went okay, but I had a couple of flats and unfortunately, we just couldn’t keep our spare tyres in the rack today, they kept coming out,” he said.

“We got through and we’re happy to be at the finish line.

“Larry did an amazing job holding it together and got us back up within the field. We’ll be happy with a Top 10 finish. This is our first finish in a year and a half. We wanted to be a bit further up, but we’re happy to be here.”

Roeseler added: “Just making it to Ensenada feels like a win to me. Considering how our day started and all the issues we had, a Top 10 finish is very good. We’re just really pleased to be here.

“It’s respectable and the competition was amazing. Today, even if you had a clean race, it was going to be head-to-head.

“The course was super gruelling and then you throw in the rain. This SCORE Baja 1000 is certainly right up there with the toughest.

“Paul had some issues with a flat right at the start and we have on-board jacks that come down, but it had problems and got hung up. It took us an hour to unbolt them and get going.

“We started in a good spot, but unfortunately the issues we had put us well behind.”